Masques is an invisible social network

Enjoy social networking. Keep your privacy.

You want to share personal information with your friends, not corporations and governments. Why are you using a public website designed to spy on you?

Masques is designed to provide an alternative to posting your personal information on a website with an always changing, yet always confusing, privacy policy.

Masques is not a website.

Masques runs on your computer. All of your media stays on your computer, not some corporation's server. When you want to share, your files and messages are sent directly from your computer to your friend's computer, securely and privately. Masques does not use a central server, nor does it track IP addresses or log anything about you. At all. Masques respects your privacy.

Privacy matters.

The "privacy policy" is more than just a policy: your privacy is protected with math, through a technique known as encryption. Encryption protects your privacy better than legal documents like privacy policies, which are often changed or violated. Math is much less flexible than legal documents.

Because Masques uses many layers of encryption, and because we publish our source code for the world to see, you know you can trust Masques to protect privacy. Not even the Masques developers can invade the privacy of your social network.

With Masques, you can be sure your personal information, and entire social network, is safe from digital thieves, data mining companies, and intrusive government surveillance.

Technical Details

Masques is a distributed, encrypted social network.

Masques uses I2P, or the 'invisible internet protocol' to locate friends and share data without using a centralized server. Masques is programmed in Clojure and makes significant use of public/private key encryption.

Masques friend requests are a pair of public keys and a little meta-data, stored as clojure S-experessions. Friend request can be sent as either text or physical, scannable images (QR codes).

More in-depth technical details may be found in the Masques documentation wiki.

Masques is Open Source

Interested developers are encouraged to explore our documentation wiki then fork us on github.